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Our family story

Tchaï is first and foremost a family tale. Our father Kerim AVSAR moved to Belgium in the 1990s and felt the need to put his tailoring skills at the service of famous Belgian brands. With more than forty years of experience, this fashion enthusiast has always dreamt about founding his own ready-to-wear brand with the help of his daughters, amongst which Claudia and Alicia who are leading the Tchaï project. We spent countless hours playing in his workshop while he was sewing incredible dresses for his clients, especially for his favourite one, our mother. Needless to say that each of us, his daughters, would daydream about wearing one of his creations as  a grown-up. One thing leading to another, our desire has changed. Today, we wish to support our father in the achievement of his own dream, which today is our shared, lovely dream.

Tchaï, emphasizing your femininity

Tchaï is the phonetic transcription of the Turkish word « çay » meaning « tea ». This beverage is widely appreciated in Turkey and is synonymous of times of sharing. The shape of a Turkish teacup is oftentimes associated with that of a tulip or a female figure. This sounded as a perfect name for a family brand dedicated to celebrating women.

A ready-to-wear, sustainable and Belgian brand

Tchaï offers timeless garments outlining feminine elegance. Every piece is entirely designed with the greatest care in a 100% Belgian workshop in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw.

We produce a limited amount of products since we have chosen to work only with end-of-series material (textile, sewing buttons, …) from local suppliers. We are an eco-responsible fashion brand. We avoid waste and insist on producing unique pieces of clothing.

By wearing Tchaï, you buy responsibly while expressing your taste for ethical high-quality fashion.

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